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April 30, 2012

In Bruges

Oh, Bruges. I wish I’d had more time with you. What a magical town.

bruges park night

We went straight from Brussels to Bruges, and only had about a day and a night in the village, during which we tried to soak in as much of the charm of the town as we could while soaking in as little of the rain as possible.

We’ve taken to hostelling on most of our short trips. This time we stayed at Lybeer Traveller’s Hostel, which was a bit run-down but otherwise fine. The staff were quite kind and the proprietor gave us this fantastic map, “Bruges for Young Travelers,” with places labeled, “Frisbee and Cute Butts Park” and “Sunbathing and Ice Cream Park.” Seeing that Tim had brought his DSLR, he marked a path on the map with good vistas for photographers.

Since we were with the same group as we were for Brussels, we had a hard time seeing everything that everyone wanted to see. Ross seemed to desperately crave waffles 24/7. Tim had his usual strange itch to climb the several hundred steps of the tallest tower. I wanted to go on the canal cruise.

bruges canal tour

It was still raining when we got on the boat, so we ended up looking like one of those Roman shield-turtle defensive formations with all of our umbrellas. Our guide, this cute blonde college-age guy, gave the tour in Dutch, French, and English — the last with this bizarre intonation, like a mix between Wakko from the Animaniacs and the guy who narrated Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Like most of Bruges, it was totally charming.

Music to travel by: Symptom of a Stumbling [The Reign of Kindo // This is What Happens]

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