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July 26, 2012

Peach, Prosciutto, and Goat Cheese Crostini

It feels like it’s all peaches, all the time on the food blogs right now. With good reason: peaches are going crazy this summer. Every single one I’ve brought home has been ripe and sweet, with not a dud among them.

We all know that the best way to eat a peach is out-of-hand, over the sink with juice dripping down your chin. But the aroma and flavor of the fruit pair well with so many things — especially in the savory, salty arena — it would be a shame not to experiment.

Which is where these crostini come in. I had something similar to this at the Getty Villa in LA a couple of summers ago and it’s really stuck with me. There, it was grilled flatbread with burrata and nectarines. Here, I’ve adapted it to my favorite stone fruit, paired with tangy, creamy chevre and thin-as-paper prosciutto. It makes a great summer lunch when the last thing you want to do is go anywhere near your stove.

Peach, Prosciutto, and Goat Cheese Crostini

You can, of course, adapt this to your favorite creamy cheese and stone fruit. This would be lovely with brie and apricots, for example.

Makes about four servings.

1 baguette
2-3 peaches (I used a mix of white and yellow), sliced into thin wedges
6-8 ounces creamy goat cheese
12 slices or so of prosciutto
1 tsp balsamic vinegar or balsamic reduction
basil chiffonade for garnish

Slice the baguette on a very slight bias into slices a little thicker than 1 cm. If you like, you can briefly crisp them up on a grill or in a cast-iron pan.

Spread each slice of bread with the goat cheese. Rip the prosciutto into smaller pieces with your hands so the crostini are easier to bite into. Lay the prosciutto evenly on top of the goat cheese-spread baguette.

Top each crostini with 2-3 peach slices, drizzle with balsamic, and sprinkle with chiffonaded basil.

Music to cook by: In My Mind [Amanda Palmer feat. Brian Viglione) // Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under]

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8 responses to “Peach, Prosciutto, and Goat Cheese Crostini”

  1. I would never think of this combination, but it looks really good!

  2. AsAVerb says:

    These sound perfect! Can’t wait to make!

  3. GastroStu says:

    Not a combination I’ve tried, but definitely one I now want to. They sound delicious and look just good with your great photography. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Just made these tonight and OMG DELICIOUS! I was so anxious, I forgot to add the basil 🙂

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