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August 19, 2012

My Paris: Week 7

This week in Paris…

My salsa friends Danny and Michelle came to visit! I only got to hang out with them over drinks for a little bit since Danny was leaving the next morning, but I got to take Michelle dancing out by the Seine this weekend. Thanks for hanging out guys!

I did a lot of jogging in and near Place des Vosges, despite the near- and sometimes over- 100° weather this week. I’d never seen people actually in the fountains before. Is that a thing?

Autumn is starting to creep in at the corners…

Sometimes I go to diners for lunch and sit there drinking cup after cup of coffee while reading cookbooks. While taking silly instagram pictures with hearts all over them, naturally.

And to conclude, the creepiest corner of BHV.

Music to live by: Shake, Shake, Shake [Bronze Radio Return // Shake! Shake! Shake!]

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2 responses to “My Paris: Week 7”

  1. Arielle says:

    Ooooh I wanna go jogging with you, if that’s where you get to jog. Also, salsa dancing along the Seine! Do they have swing dancing too?

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