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September 11, 2012

Lucerne, Switzerland

As you can tell, Lucerne is unfairly pretty. Bisected by a river so clean you can drink its water, astride a sparkling lake, under the shadows of Rigi and Pilatus, I spent a lot of time giggling incredulously at how charming the town was.

We went with our friends LynnRoss, who are very very pregnant. (Don’t worry, Lynn didn’t partake of the beer.) This is probably going to be their last trip before baby arrives!

(Lots of these pics are from the gentleman. I do food. He does everything else.)

Basically, if you have a chance to visit Switzerland, I’d say just skip Zurich and just go straight to Lucerne. It’s a city with a small-town feel and lots to do and look at. Too bad about that spider problem, though.

Music to travel by: Heartbeats [Jose Gonzalez // Veneer]

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4 responses to “Lucerne, Switzerland”

  1. When I was in France, I only visited Geneva since it was a short train ride away from where I lived (Lyon). I feel like I haven’t truly experienced Switzerland from that sneak peek, though — it wasn’t nearly as beautiful as your pictures make Lucerne out to be!

  2. Meg says:

    These are lovely photos! Gosh, I need to make it to Lucerne!!!

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