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September 30, 2012

My Paris: Week 12

This week I met up with the awesome Caroline of Sweet Caroline in Paris for noshing, gossiping, and discussion of the state of musical theatre in Paris (conclusion: meh).

But before that, I stumbled upon this adorable and eclectic boutique called Les Fleurs just east of the Bastille. I am not exaggerating when I say I wanted to take home everything in this store. Can’t you just imagine waking up to these whimsical paper decorations floating above your bed?

Boutique Les Fleurs
6, Passage Josset (11th, Lendru-Rollin)

Caroline suggested that we meet up at Le Siffleur de Ballons, a cozy bar à vin in the 12th. Even though they had a huge party coming in later in the evening, the barman was extremely accommodating and let us have the best seats in the house, right by the big front windows, to enjoy a lovely long chat over several glasses of dry white wine and the best planche mixte I’ve had so far in Paris.

You see those dried apricots? They were so incredibly luscious. I swear they must soak them in mead or something. I haven’t been shocked by a piece of dried fruit in a long time.

Not bad, Paris, not bad.

Le Siffleur de Ballons
34, rue de Citeaux (12th, Faifherbe-Chaligny or Reuilly-Diderot)
Tél: 01 58 51 14 04

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5 responses to “My Paris: Week 12”

  1. thefrancofly says:

    I must have walked by here about 10,000 times. Thanks for encouraging me actually visit!

  2. cindy says:

    what a perfect day! I am a sucker for thoughtfully curated boutiques…and wine + snacks with a side of chatting, fave!

  3. Gah, I love and miss the simplest things about France…like cornichons and good brie. That shop looks so lovely!

  4. Dee Shore says:

    Everything is just so beautiful. I wished we had more stores like that one here in NYC. I keep saying it, I need to move to Paris. At least for a year. It’d be amazing.

  5. liljacardew says:

    Wow love all the photos so much!!!!!

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