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October 7, 2012

My Paris, Week 13: Rose Bakery, Poilâne, Merci

I’ll be honest, reader. I’ve been a little heartsick this week. To cheer myself up, I took myself out on a lot of nice lunches in light-filled restaurants and visited lots of pretty streets despite my tired soles.

Rose Bakery
46 rue des Martyrs, 75009 (Notre Dame de Lorette)
01 42 82 12 80

Bread and butter is my snack of choice when things aren’t going well. I’ve eaten a lot of the best bread and butter in the world this week.

38 rue Debelleyme, 75003 (Filles du Calvaire)
Tel +33 (0) 1 44 61 83 39

Merci (Café Cinema, concept store, and Used Book Café)
111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 (Saint-Sébastien-Froissart)
01 42 77 00 33

I go on these walks to remind myself that in most ways, my life is a dream life and any problems I may have are first-world problems. I am a very lucky girl indeed.

Music to live by: Hold the Morning [Hey Marseilles // To Travels and Trunks]

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108 responses to “My Paris, Week 13: Rose Bakery, Poilâne, Merci”

  1. I am in love with your pictures. They remind me why Paris is my favorite city in the world! Merci!

  2. kathrinjapan says:

    Your pictures take me back to when I was in Paris. I know how you feel. It is hard to intellectually know how blessed and marvelous your life is and still feel wistful.

  3. Makes you want to hop on a plane or train to Paris, great pictures

  4. Tassos says:

    Brilliant photos. I can relate to the desire to eat good food in pretty places when I’m feeling down, especially when it’s food that reminds me of home. I’ll admit sometimes its not so easy here in Phnom Penh. Wouldn’t mind a fresh croissant for breakfast instead of rice and fish all the time! Again, great photos that capture the Parisian aesthetic.

    • At least you get to travel and see the world. I have a friend studying in Cambodia right now, and I hear it’s beautiful. But yes, there’s not much better than a croissant hot out of the oven!

  5. These photos are absolutely beautiful! You’re such a talented photographer. Thank you for sharing with us!

  6. I love Paris, your photo’s are amazing and a great guide to little café’s and bakery’s, I will take a visit next time I am in Paris 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  7. edgeledge says:

    Great pictures, you have put this together to present a wordless story that really conveys everything.

  8. The Rose Bakery cookbook is one of my all-time favorites — I love Rose and Jean-Charles’ sensibility! Glad to see it made your list. (: I am so intrigued by Merci! It’s definitely going on my list for the next weekend I pop down to dear old Paris.

  9. Mia says:

    Hi, I really like the look of your blog. Really nice pictures from Paris. Just been there my self!:) Im a failry new blogger, and was just wondering. How do you make the pics fit so nicely together? Would really appreciate a tip 🙂

  10. S.C. says:

    I’ve never been to Paris, but I know I love good, real bread and butter.

    I also wish we had a bookstore/cafe in my city (Barnes and Noble doesn’t really count, does it? Not the right atmosphere.) It seems like one of those “only in Paris” things.

    • Where are you from? I’m sure there’s a hole-in-the wall café with a similar feel close by, even if it doesn’t have walls full of books. 🙂

      • S.C. says:

        I live in a fairly big American city, so I’m sure there is one. But it’s probably in the artsy district that’s way too expensive for me to live in.

  11. I agree with Valerie, the Rose Bakery cookbook is delightful and the photos are beautiful. I’m glad I found your blog, Paris is my favorite.

  12. rmk says:

    Love the photos. Getting cake or sitting and reading a book can be a good cure for the traveler’s blues.

  13. starlight says:

    love love love your photos! very nice!

  14. Nic Freeman says:

    Lovely lovely lovely! Hope the Parisian adventures and Freshly Pressed status brought some cheer.

  15. Your use of light is lovely. I especially like the image of the chandelier through the window.

  16. Edna says:

    Really enjoy Rose Bakery — but after 8 months of living in the city still have yet to get to Merci! (PS nice work getting on freshly pressed today!)

  17. From one heartsick woman to another, thank you for this. What a perfect dose of whimsy in the morning.

  18. beautywhizz says:

    Super pics, great photo story!

  19. sannekurz says:

    Perhaps a bit of a heart sickness is just the right thing one needs to completely embrace the melancholy Paris can have in autumn. – Very amazing images. Make me wanna stroll with you through the roads, parks and alley ways.

  20. emiliahearts says:

    I just discovered your blog and I love it. Your pictures are wonderful. Me and my boyfriend are visiting Paris just before Christmas and your posts are the perfect way to build excitement for my trip!

    • That’s a great time to visit Paris. That’s when I first visited the city last year and fell in love with it. Make sure to visit lots of winter markets and drink lots of vin chaud!

  21. Your photos are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I am sorry for your home sickness, but it seems you have made the best of it.

  22. SobeVegChick says:

    Beautiful. You evoke a feeling here, not just a story. I can hardly wait to read more. Enjoy belle Paris!

  23. den says:

    Absolutely beautiful shots. I loved Paris, and your photographs are making me want to return! I often write about Paris. These images are inspiring new stories…

  24. I so much agree with what you said in the last lines of the post. All our problems are first-world problems. We are really fortunate to be living the way we live. And I al so thankful to it 🙂 The pictures are beautiful!!! Will be visiting Paris soon too. You added to my inspiration to see this city again.

  25. Dounia says:

    Beautiful photos. They capture the simple beauty of Paris; thanks for sharing and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  26. blinkpack says:

    Josh here from the BlinkPack blog. Posts like this remind me that when time and money allow, I look forward to visiting this great city. I found you on the ‘freshly pressed’ section — well done. Cheers!

  27. Wonderful photos. They tell a story I want to hear.

  28. Being June says:

    Beauty and bread and wisdom all in one post. I hope you’re feeling better now. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Wonderful images! I look forward to visiting France someday!

  30. lmicheles says:

    You are lucky. Ah, to be abroad.

  31. I enjoyed reading this (while listening to Hey Marseilles, who I love as well) because I am also currently abroad in France…I know firsthand what it like to be able to go to places like this every day

  32. I have always wanted to travel to Paris and these photos give me hope for that one day. Awesome Stuff!

  33. Fabulous pictures! Enjoy your time there. What I wouldn’t give for some fresh French bread and butter. *scrapes butter spread across burnt square toast* Hmph…

  34. love the photos, so typically french and you shoot them fantastically! you get a real sense of france from them 🙂

  35. Pamela says:

    Love the photos–is it wrong that I’d want to kiss those lovely rustic stone steps? Or a beautiful loaf of bread? Or one of the glorious chandeliers? 😉

  36. asoulwalker says:

    I love the photo of the swing.

  37. Such great pictures, so warm 🙂

  38. Jareen Imam says:

    I love this post and your photos. I just started learning French a week ago, and just looking through your photos makes me want to spend a few weeks in Paris. J’espère que vous sentez mieux. Salut.

  39. rm32 says:

    Hello i love your photos and i love Paris to, check out my blog i have loads of french recipes 🙂

  40. heffwit says:

    J’ai envie de retourner à la France! I really like your photos 🙂

  41. You’ve brought tears to my eyes– I’ve been missing France like crazy this week & have contemplated throwing up my hands and running away to the city. Let Paris love you back– and check out Le Rendez-Vouz des Amis in Montemarte if you need a good drink in a cozy atmosphere…

  42. Congrats on getting freshly pressed, it is well deserved. I love your photographs, they are sublime. Makes me want to travel even more now!

  43. 1walrus says:

    Lovely. My wife and I were in Paris almost exactly five years ago, and she was thrilled to discover Poilane. We’ve been raving about the bread ever since. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

  44. KylaB says:

    I love to snack on bread and butter too. Thanks for this post. So many good ideas and wonderful photos.

  45. Vasilia says:

    Beauitfully delicious… great pics… what cafe dreams are made of.

  46. Love your blog, your pics and your adventure! You and I have chosen the same template for our blogs…..it’s interesting to see how someone else uses the space. I’m a fan.

  47. narcissista1 says:

    Damn. You just ruined my diet.

  48. ifightforgod says:

    Great pictures! Amazing blog!

  49. Mei says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  50. Obsessed with these pictures. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Paris!

  51. jwilson917 says:

    Yum. This post made me miss French food. Paris is such a great city.

  52. Say Gudday says:

    Wonderful city, isn’t it?

  53. Tales of Braške says:

    One of these days I will visit Paris as well:) looks amazing!

  54. Beautiful photos! I am currently in the process of moving from San Francisco to Luxembourg, and am writing about it on my own blog. I cannot wait to explore France!

  55. This transports me to Paris. I love the sense of wandering around that your photos give!

  56. sheyjohn says:

    Great blog, nice to see someone appreciating life! keep at it, love the shots too.

  57. Beautiful entry! As an American expat myself (landed myself in Norway) I can empathize with your need for comfort food. Your photos are amazing and your observation that your problems are of the “first-world” kind is so poignant.

    Coincidentally I just wrote about missing Milano cookies, along with other comfort foods, on my own blog.

    Is it ok if I link to this post from my blog? You can check it out at edgeofthearctic.wordpress.com

  58. You seem to be having a wonderful time. The photos are really engaging. I’m off to remind myself what a baguette with butter tastes like. Haven’t had one in ages. Congratulations on being freshly pressed.

  59. Bread and Butter are so basic, yet so amazing — heart-soothing, solace-giving, forever sweet. I remember many years ago hearing old people tell me that their one wish in the afterlife was to have a hot roll, butter, coffee and the New York Times every morning.

    I have been to Paris. I couldn’t afford haute French quisine so I kept eating at cheap and ultimately boring Vietnamese restaurants. But for Lunch I invariably had Bread, Cheese and Wine.

  60. Your pics are amazing! Keep goin’!

  61. The Old Wolf says:

    Ouais, merci pour rien, maintenant j’ai faim. 😛

  62. maitchd says:

    Wonderful pictures! Makes me feel very calm and relaxed when I look at them 🙂

  63. maitchd says:

    How do you place the pictures so nicely?

  64. beautyonthedoorstep says:

    Un beau clin d’oeil a Paris et le style de vie francais.

  65. I love the empty wine bottle on the empty street. It says so much for your mood at the time. I’m an expat living in Sardinia, Italy and have the same feelings of homesick/heartsickness as you. But I have to remind myself that this is the life I choose, I choose to live this dream, no one told me to do it. It’s a wonderful dream when we pull ourselves out of the dark street corner, no?

  66. BEAUTIFUL photography! I so wish to visit Paris some day!

  67. zeynepmutlu says:

    beautiful! hopefully will be in Paris next year! fingers crossed!

  68. Oh how I miss Paris. Thanks for sharing, you are quite the lucky person indeed!

  69. radhiyahh says:

    beautifully captured images of good details of Paris.

  70. anamchapa says:

    very beautiful pics!

  71. ianreyno says:

    Once I laid my eyes on the very first page of your blog, my heart leaped. And then I thought to myself, someday, I will be just like you. Thank you for being my heart’s sip of coffee.

  72. Oh my goodness, your photos are breathtaking. Whisked me away to the city.

  73. jensine says:

    Stunning and I wouldn’t mind a stroll on the Seine but for now it’s just the Liffey for me

  74. rbjello says:

    Gorgeous photos and great recommendations. I have to check out Merci!

  75. I’m so happy I found you, this is a pleasure to read! I’m coming to Paris for the first time over Christmas. I will be reading intently!

  76. Monte says:

    I totally agree that bakeries are a good source of comfort food! And being in Paris must be awesome for that

  77. ronyshapira says:

    such beautiful photos! I can’t wait to go to paris!!
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  78. hibakanj says:

    very nice photos ! <3

  79. Reblogged this on Edge of the Arctic and commented:
    Here’s a wonderful blogpost about an American expat in Paris and her local comfort food.

  80. martinaturini says:

    I lived in Paris last year, and I miss it! Your pictures are beautiful,I do really see Paris and its places in them.

  81. scpworkasx says:

    Nice blog it reminds me of being in Paris – love it.

  82. amybaratta says:

    I enjoy your pics, I am here in Paris for a month alone and your blog is a great guide for me! I’m all about bread and butter, can’t wait to check out these places! I am starting my first attempt at a blog, a design blog of sorts. I love how nicely you arrange your pictures, trying to do that on ipad, if you have any tips would appreciate it!

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