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November 25, 2012

My Paris, Week 20: Dans les Landes, and Wintering in Nice, Week 1

dans les landes restaurant paris

This week, a small group of us gathered at Dans les Landes to celebrate our friend Brad’s birthday.

dans les landes restaurant paris

It turned out to be an excellent choice; a Spanish/French tapas restaurant, Dans les Landes serves lots of shareable, creative small plates. Truffle risotto served in beef bones! Smoked duck and foie gras salad made into maki-like lettuce rolls! Mushroom “cappuccino” soup! Nothing pretentious, just good food and a convivial atmosphere.

dans les landes restaurant paris

dans les landes restaurant paris

Happy birthday, Bradley!

dans les landes restaurant paris

Dans Les Landes
119bis Rue Monge, 75005 (Censier – Daubenton)
01 45 87 06 00

park in nice france

And now I’m in Nice, writing from an American-style diner. I got here on Tuesday and the whole week has been a blur of trying to figure out the apartment and the town and realizing more and more that I’m irrevocably addicted to the internet.

kitchen in nice france

Don’t get me wrong, I really like it here. The apartment that my friend Ariane is renting to me is just adorable, with a big kitchen and sunny deck and all the little teacups and things that say that a real French grandmother lived here. But there’s no wifi, and without real-life friends in the city and no constant connection to Facebook and Twitter, I’m feeling isolated.

deck view in nice france

I take walks around town to soothe my technology- and company- starved heart. There are palm trees here! And look at that sky! It reminds me of the skies back home. This is a beach town, after all.

church spire in nice france

l'expresso nice france

30 Rue de l’Hôtel des Postes 06000 Nice
04 93 92 29 01

nice apartments

The walks are productive, too, which is to say that I’ve been finding lots of cafés with wifi who don’t mind if you sit there for four hours on your computer, clickety-clacking away. I hear tell that you can get away with buying just one cup of coffee and take up their real estate as long as you want. I’m not brave enough to do that yet, though, so I usually get a snack or another cup of coffee every two hours or so.

emilie's cookies nice france

emilie's cookies nice france

Emilie’s Cookies
9 Rue Alberti, 06000 Nice
04 93 13 89 58

apartments in nice france

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5 responses to “My Paris, Week 20: Dans les Landes, and Wintering in Nice, Week 1”

  1. Arielle says:

    So are you going to stay in Nice for the rest of your time in France? Or are you going back to Paris after the winter?

  2. Great blog, really enjoyed reading it and looking at the photos! How do you get them to come across so nicely on the page?

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