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March 19, 2013

Pierre Sang Boyer, via Instagram

One day I found myself in Oberkampf, eating an engaging, entertaining lunch, sans DSLR. So what is a digitally inclined girl to do? Instagram it, of course.



Restaurant Pierre Sang takes no reservations — in fact, it has no phone — so get there early if you want a seat in the small space. If you can manage it, sit at the bar that faces into the open kitchen, where the chefs work right in front of you.


The menu of two, three, or four courses, is no-choice. They don’t even tell you what you’re eating until you’ve finished the plate. B and I had fun trying to guess what kind of grain was in the risotto-like curry above (answer: barley) and what kind of root vegetables were draped so colorfully over the sausage (answer: heirloom turnips and radishes).


If you love food, and especially if you enjoy cooking, you’ll enjoy going to Restaurant Pierre Sang. The approach to food here is puckish and impulsive — the menu changes constantly, even mid-service, so guests who sit down at noon may be treated to a completely different set of dishes than those who sit down at 1:30. This is not line cooking, it’s culinary improvisation.


Of course, it’s always more fun when the chef is a bit of a character, too.

Restaurant Pierre Sang in Oberkampf
55 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 (Oberkampf, Parmentier)
no phone, no reservations
€20-35 without wine

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One response to “Pierre Sang Boyer, via Instagram”

  1. Melissa says:

    When I first saw that last photo I thought it was his arm that was missing a chunk because the end kind of looks like a finger, haha & ewww. Sounds like a lovely little place where the food looks like art.

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