Diane, A Broad
March 23, 2013

Septime La Cave


On a night so cold that my glasses immediately fogged up upon entering the building, I met up with T for drinks and snacks at Septime’s new offshoot bottle shop / wine bar.



Let’s get our expectations straightened out: Septime La Cave is not the kind of wine bar to which one goes for dinner. One goes for some nice little nibbles and a glass or two of beautiful wine.


There are bottles, which can be had for a €7 corkage fee, lining the walls. No tables to speak of, but a bit of counter space to work with.



All in all, it’s a pleasant place to stop by on the way to somewhere or on the way from somewhere, but not necessarily a destination in itself.


Septime La Cave
3 Rue Basfroi, 75011 (Charonne)
01 43 67 14 87
Nibbles €4-14; wines by the glass around €5

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6 responses to “Septime La Cave”

  1. Sounds like a great find. I am always on a lookout for such in-between places.

  2. Sarah Marie says:

    You make me want to live in Paris.

  3. Did you get there early? I heard that after 7pm it’s almost impossible to get in.

    • I got there at around 9pm and there weren’t any seats left, but most people were standing anyway. It wasn’t super crowded and I got a piece of counter right away. Maybe it was a lucky fluke?

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