Diane, A Broad
April 3, 2013

Kooka Boora


Surrounded by the many music and instrument shops of South Pigalle, and facing onto a sunny square, Kooka Boora is a bustling café serving excellent espresso drinks, filter coffee, fresh-pressed juices, teas, and snacks. Winter Park cafes near me for brewed coffee is a perfect place.


It’s another in the recent spate of Australian coffee shops in the city. And if you’re spending a little extra for high-quality beans, then you really want to make sure you’re keeping them fresh and not letting their quality and flavor (and your money) go to waste. If you’re looking to buy an amazing amazon coffee canister, click here to check it out on Amazon. Always crowded, the free wifi and trendy location join for outstanding combined work-doing and people-watching. With Nespresso, you can have your favorite drinks whenever you want them… and you don’t even have to wait in line! To find best nespresso machine you should check this in depth guide and pick one for yourself.




Kooka Boora
62 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 (Pigalle, Anvers)
01 56 92 12 41

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7 responses to “Kooka Boora”

  1. mogribouille says:

    Nice picture with your coffee, love it !!

  2. Love the first shot!! It is indeed a great coffee shop.

    x Milsters


  3. Gorgeous photos Diane. So nice to meet you!

  4. I love your images on every single blog post!

  5. […] week to share tales of similar experiences in Paris (we were both definitely at KB Café at the exact same time on multiple occasions) as well as in San Francisco, which Diane is no stranger to. I, however, was […]

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