Diane, A Broad
May 20, 2013

A Charming Encounter in Ajaccio

During our day-trip in Ajaccio, I had what was possibly the most charming encounter with a stranger that I’ve ever experienced.

A couple of us were eating lunch on the terrace of a small Italian joint in the old town, and I was sketching the small church just across from us, when an older gentleman came up and, in French, complimented me on the drawing. He proceeded to tell me that I should make sure to get the bell tower in the sketch, and I assured him I would as soon as I finished filling in the details of the face of the building. He wished us a good day and went on his way.

A Charming Encounter in Ajaccio by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

As we paid our bill and were getting ready to leave, the same gentleman came by and asked to see the finished sketch. After looking at it and complimenting me on a job well done, he asked if he could draw as well, to which I responded, bien sûr!

A Charming Encounter in Ajaccio by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

He spent about five minutes drawing the little church for us, during which time I learned that he’s been living in Ajaccio, and in fact on the same little street as this church, since he was a little boy.

A Charming Encounter in Ajaccio by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

A Charming Encounter in Ajaccio by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

A Charming Encounter in Ajaccio by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

He finished up, handed back my notebook, and wished us a good vacation.

A Charming Encounter in Ajaccio by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

And my heart grew three sizes that day.

(Some photos courtesy Expat Edna, as watermarked.)
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19 responses to “A Charming Encounter in Ajaccio”

  1. I loooove this little story and it’s so fun to actually see the photos now as well 🙂 Adorable!

  2. Ylenia says:

    Aw so cute! That is one special memory for sure 🙂

  3. I live for moments like that. How cute!

  4. Ashley of Ashley Abroad says:

    This is a really sweet story!

  5. YAY!! You finally posted about it! I think it was one of my favourite moments from the entire trip as well. Definitely the most memorable. 🙂 xx

  6. Laura Grai says:

    That is an adorable story! I think one of the things I love most about travel is having those random, perfect encounters just like that.

  7. Project Janeuine says:

    Hi Diane~ I’m so glad I’ve stumbled across your blog – I absolutely love your photography and writing. You have such a great eye and are a wonderful story-teller, and thank you for sharing this one! Hoping to see more of your photos and stories soon 🙂


  8. Pia says:

    Been living in Paris for 2 years now and realizing how I haven’t really made the most of it after reading your blog.. thanks for the addresses and reviews! 🙂


  9. Oh gosh he’s the most adorable man ever. This sure beats any kind of souvenir there is. So happy for you dear 🙂 xx

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  11. Lauren Lou says:

    This is what travel dreams are made of. How special! xx

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