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June 11, 2013

Soul Kitchen

There are places I walk into and instantly know I’ll be a regular. Soul Kitchen was one of those places.

Soul Kitchen by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

Soul Kitchen by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

I first headed to this little behind-the-butte café due to a recommendation from Jackie and I can’t thank her enough. I’m here at least a couple of days a week now, leeching off their wifi and churning out some work while the restaurant bustles around me. I’m sitting in my usual corner seat as I type this, actually, listening to their awesome soundtrack which today includes Alt-J, Rufus Wainwright, Woodkid, and Regina Spektor.

Soul Kitchen by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

Soul Kitchen by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

Charming without being cutesy, hip without being pretentious, Soul Kitchen is run by the Anzel sisters, the sweetest restaurateurs you’ll ever meet. They serve simple, homemade food that’s often vegetarian, using fresh, seasonal ingredients. I realized last week that I had accidentally been eating vegetarian for three days because of this restaurant — and if you’ve been to Paris, you know what a feat this is.

Soul Kitchen by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

Soul Kitchen by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

There are daily lunch menus for €12.50, with a choice of various quiches, tortillas, sandwiches, and soups with a side salad and dessert. It’s also an excellent choice for Sunday brunch.

Soul Kitchen by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

Soul Kitchen by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

As noted by Aaron, French brunch is often a sham — an expensive and meager one. Soul Kitchen understands the spirit of brunch: it should feel like an insurmountable amount of food, enough to do battle with the last vestiges of your morning hangover without leaving you lethargic for that long dark tea-time of the soul known as Sunday afternoon. For around €25, you end up with a table overflowing with food and drinks.

Soul Kitchen by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

Soul Kitchen by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

Bonus: they have daily “challenges” which, if completed, get you a free madeleine. O and I recently got three of the buttery pastries for naming 30 Shakespeare plays between the two of us, and I just witnessed a pair of girls do a very silly dance for theirs. Free entertainment, excellent food, chill atmosphere… I’ll see you there.

Soul Kitchen by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

Soul Kitchen
33 rue Lamarck, 75018 (Lamarck – Caulaincourt)
01 71 37 99 95
€12.50 menu of main dish, salad, and dessert on weekdays

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14 responses to “Soul Kitchen”

  1. LostInCheeseland says:

    This has been on my list for quite some time, looking forward to checking it out. Lovely photos!

  2. RBJello says:

    So glad you fell in love with Soul Kitchen as much as I did! Your photos look amazing (as always) and I love how bright and cheery all the colors look.

  3. Ashley of Ashley Abroad says:

    Thanks for introducing me to this place Diane, it’s one of my favorite spots in Paris now!

  4. MelanieFYAM says:

    I’m really looking forward to going!! You’ve been telling me about this lovely place for ages, but the photo’s have now made me even more excited. Yay! Perhaps later this week?

  5. Lauren Lou says:

    Love it! Perfectly captures this little sweet spot on the hill! And the coffee??!! A++++++! xx

  6. Laura Grai says:

    I’m going to have to add this to my ever-growing list of places I must try the next time I visit Paris. Great photos!

  7. Oooh! Putting this on my list

  8. cindy ensley says:

    this looks like such a fun place! there are far too few places like this in the world.

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