Diane, A Broad


A short time after I moved to Paris, I slowly started learning everything I could about photography. I was confronted daily with the beauty of the City of Light and everything in it, and I found myself wanting to capture it in the way I wanted — and my iPhone just couldn’t handle what I wanted to do. I got myself a little DSLR and started shooting everything in sight.

Since then, I have refined my technique and found a niche. My love of food, travel, and beautiful spaces informs my work.

“Diane was very easy to work with and the photos turned out fantastic. Quick turnaround too. We would definitely work with her again on our next project!”

— Josh Fontaine of Candelaria, Glass, and Le Mary Celeste in Paris.

The Food

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“What attracts me to Diane’s photographs is how she can capture warmth and playfulness in such a natural way. Nothing is fussy or staged, but every photo she takes makes me want to go there!”

 – Laura Adrian of Verjus Restaurant in Paris.

The People Behind the Food

Many of the my photo assignments are with restaurants and other food-centered events, or of the people behind the food — the cooks, sommeliers, servers, and bartenders who make it all happen. Often, I work with bars and restaurants that want a set of photos of their space, people, and food so they may have them available when the press comes knocking. Other times, I am asked by a print or online publication to shoot a set of photos to support a specific article.

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“Diane was so professional and followed our vision completely. She captured the food, the moments, the people and the whole feeling of the Popup. The photos she took really reflected the spirit and moment of our vision and we would be thrilled to work with her again. “

– Laura Vidal of Paris Popup.

The Spaces and Events

My goal when I photograph spaces is to be as unobtrusive as possible while still getting the beautiful shots that will make my clients happy. I generally do not use any flash or artificial lighting, preferring to work with whatever light is available in the space — since I often shoot during service at restaurants and bars, I find that this is least disruptive to the “natural environment.” This way, my photographs present the space as it would be on an everyday basis, eschewing artificiality for the warmth, conviviality, and bustle of the location as it really is.

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The People and The City

Of course, it wouldn’t be worth it if it weren’t for the amazing people I get to work with. More and more, I find myself working one-on-one with folks whose personalities I want to capture for all to see. Whether for unique headshots, lookbook images, or snapshots of a walk around the city or an epic party, I love teasing out the personality from each person I photograph.

“Working with Diane was a true pleasure. I am one of these camera shy individuals who has no idea how to “be natural” in front of the lens, always ending up with photos where I look uncomfortable and very unnatural. Diane was able to guide me gently into positions that accentuated my natural qualities and her conversation and humor helped turn my smiles from fake to authentic. Whats more, I loved the end products. I use some of the profile shots for my company promotions; I feel they represent the “real, vibrant me” and I believe this realness is a key ingredient for building trust with an online audience.” 

— Melanie Stephens of Feed Your Awesome Machine.

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“Diane is an exceptionally talented photographer — she has a great eye and is able to truly capture the heart and soul of her subjects in a beautiful and original way. She has great ideas, pays attention to detail, and best of all, her quirky sense of humor and open, approachable personality make her a joy to work with. She brings out the best in those whom she shoots, and that makes all the difference. You will LOVE the photos that she takes — I certainly do. “

Devon Graves.

For examples of my photography that have been used in print or online media, please see the press page. If you are interested in engaging my photography services, please feel free to reach out via the contact form or by emailing me at dianeabroadblog@gmail.com. I can’t wait to hear from you!