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  • September 3, 2012

    It’s September! Can you believe it?

    I remember when September meant that I had finally grown bored with summer vacation and was actually excited to start school again. (Not that that feeling lasted very long.) Now it just means that the strawberries won’t be worth eating for at least eight months and I should really start thinking about getting a new wool coat.

    My favorite after-school snack when I was a kid was a Coke Slurpee from 7-11 and a grilled cheese sandwich. American cheese on white bread with lots of margarine, fried almost black. I loved it.

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  • August 17, 2012

    When we go to a carte-blanche meal and the server asks me if there’s anything I don’t eat, my answer’s simple: “raw onions.”

    I was an extremely picky eater as a kid — being a spoiled only child will do that to you — but I have gotten over most of my food prejudices. After seeing the light about tomatoes, I have been systematically trying the foods I held a prejudice against, trying to present them in a way that would turn my disposition (read: covered in cheese and/or bacon and/or deep fried). Mushrooms are now my friends. Brussels sprouts are addictive when deep-roasted and covered in a sweet-spicy fish sauce dressing. Snails? Slather those bitches in butter and garlic and bring ’em on. But no matter how many variations I try of raw onions with not a wisp of heat put to them, I always wince and move them to the side of my plate.

    It’s better than eating no onions at all, right? I can certainly get down with an onion ring now. I accept that sweated onions are essential for… well… almost everything, but soups certainly. But my favorite way of preparing onions is, unsurprisingly, the least oniony of all: it’s onions taken past mere cooking into candy-land.

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