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  • August 27, 2012

    I have an extremely un-classy thing to compare these muffins to. Okay. Here goes.

    Did you ever go to El Torito Grill? It’s this Mexican restaurant chain, mostly found on the west coast. I remember going on a lot of dates there in high school because, you know, it was high school. We had low standards and were low on pocket change.

    Anyway. There was this corn cake thing that accompanied a lot of the dishes. Not cornbread, but this wet, doughy corn mash, partly whole corn kernels and partly cornbread. It was kind of sweet and I was addicted to the stuff. I would always order extra.

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  • August 23, 2012

    An old sweetheart of mine once gave me one of the most interesting compliment I’ve ever received: “I’d like to see you eat a salad. It’s hard to eat a salad gracefully, but I bet you could do it.”

    He’s not wrong. About salad, not about my ability to eat it. Salads are, in general, kind of a messy affair. Especially the ones with those pretty and colorful artisanal lettuces that you don’t want to chop that are juuuuust bigger than one mouthful, meaning you get dressing all over your lips trying to get that forkful of unruly greens into your stomach, messing up your lipstick in the process. And don’t even get me started on frisée.

    This is the antithesis to those messy, albeit often lovely, lettuce salads. You can eat the entire thing with a spoon. It’s crisp and cold from the raw corn, the chickpeas bring a lovely nuttiness, and the avocado melds with the lemon and olive oil to form a lovely creamy mouthfeel. I toss mine together in about five minutes flat.

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  • August 21, 2012

    I found real corn at the Bastille market. Non-shrink-wrapped corn, still in husks, clearly picked that day because it was as sweet as I remember summer corn being in California. Hallelujah!

    The first couple of ears, I ate raw, straight off the cob. My colleagues used to make fun of me for doing things like that when I had an office job. The rest, I made into simple soup, or this scalloped corn. The corn’s creaminess heightened by béchamel sauce, its crunchiness heightened by bread crumbs, this was a perfect summer side dish.

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  • July 16, 2012

    Sometimes, you feel like being virtuous. You eat a big salad for lunch. Drink water all day. Skip the coffee, maybe go for a run, snack on some fruit, and go to bed early. These kinds of days are necessary.

    But so are the days when you roll out of bed at 1pm, waste a couple of hours on the internet, then take a big pile of fresh vegetables and fry the heck out of them. These days are necessary too.

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