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  • January 26, 2013

    Dear Frenchie bar à vins,

    I didn’t believe the hype, and I apologize. I’d eaten at the restaurant and enjoyed it, but I never had the “ah-ha, this is genius food” moment there. I get it now.

    Sweetbreads, radish, parsley

    Foie gras royale, apple/pear chutney, walnut

    If you’re coming to Paris, do yourself a favor and make sure you get yourself here one, if not two, if not several nights.

    Burrata, wild mushrooms

    Tortelli ricotta, butternut, sage, amaretti biscuit

    I can’t tell you what to order, since everything is seasonal — there are new dishes all the time. I’ve had the entire menu at this point, and I can honestly say that everything is at least good, and some of the dishes (the ricotta and butternut squash tortelli, for example) are just explode-your-brains divine.

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  • December 17, 2012

    This week I learned… something… about restraint… or knowing your limits… or something like that. It’s all kind of a blur really.

    So what happened is that my French class partners, Tríona and Oisin, invited me to something called “12 Pubs of Christmas.” Basically, the goal was to hit up twelve different pubs in twelve hours, drinking a beer at each one. We started with a lovely brunch at Tríona and Oisin’s place, where we all looked bright-eyed and chipper in our Christmas jumpers.


    Each pub had a rule, such as: you must wear a Christmas jumper, or drink with your non-dominant hand, or not call anyone by their real name. Penalties for rule-breakers included drinking shots and doing Irish dances. Keep this sober, late-morning photo in mind. We degenerated quickly.




    I think part of the thing I learned was something about not starting out too strong. There were two options you could choose from to fully participate: drink one pint at each  pub (A-team), or one half-pint (B-team). Note that, in Paris, what they call a pint is really 500cl, so the A-teamers would be drinking a total of six liters total. I decided to start out on the A-team, then kick down to the B-team eventually. That decision was my downfall.

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