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  • September 6, 2012

    There was a year or so in my life when I spent a lot of time in the San Gabriel Valley in a house filled with boys. We ate a lot of burritos and a lot of pizza, and we ate a lot of take-out Thai food.

    Specifically, the Karee Curry from Thai n’I in Encino. A huge portion of a coconutty yellow soup with chunks of chicken and potatoes simmered all day and served over steaming white rice. It was a little sweet from the coconut milk but had a spice that snuck up on you. Nothing much at first bite, but by the end, you’d be sweating.

    I’ve been craving that sweet-spicy concoction lately. Luckily, Parisians seem to have embraced many Asian cuisines, so it wasn’t difficult to find the appropriate ingredients. My curry didn’t simmer all day, and I served it with quinoa and wheat berries instead of sticky white rice, and it probably isn’t what you’d call “authentic,” but it still brought back good memories. And that spice-sweat that sneaks up on you.

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