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  • May 7, 2013

    Duck Soup is the little wine bar I mentioned on my last post about London. We passed by it on the street and I did a double-take: I was sure I’d read about this place somewhere. The menu looked good. We walked in, and were immediately seated at two empty bar stools.

    It’s in the same vein as some of my favorite spots in Paris: mostly natural wines and seasonal cooking with smallish, shareable plates. I would eat like this every day if I could. Serendipity, right?

    Duck Soup [London] by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

    But it was our first meal in London, so it felt wrong to get a glass of Bordeaux. We went for beer instead.

    Duck Soup [London] by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

    Wikipedia says that hipsterism “fetishizes the authentic.” Well I guess that makes this a hipster bar, what with the hand-written, daily-changing menus (with both smaller “bar” plates and larger “kitchen” plates), the wine menu scrawled on the wall, and the bring-your-own-vinyls policy for the record player, which was spinning Nirvana and the B-52s that night. Not to mention how of-the-moment the plates are.

    Duck Soup [London] by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

    Torn bits of rich, milky mozzarella atop warm sweet peas and a puddle of olive oil. Spring on a plate.

    Duck Soup [London] by Diane, A Broad (dianeabroad.com)

    Wee olives for snacking are always appreciated with a beer or three. Continue Reading

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  • September 7, 2012

    Hello from Zurich! The gentleman is here for a business trip and I tagged along, as I am wont. Hopefully we’ll be doing some hiking in the Alps and exploring of old villages and things this weekend. But first, let me tell you about these cookies I brought with me.

    Apparently, I take requests now.

    It makes sense. I like making food. Friends like to eat the food I make. If they don’t cook, and they have a recipe for something they know they like but are unable or unwilling to reproduce on their own, why not?

    A couple weeks ago, the gentleman and I were out to dinner with some friends and our buddy Ross (a fellow board game and beer enthusiast) mentioned that he had this amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe. Now I’ve baked my fair share of chocolate chip cookies. I’ve been tweaking and experimenting with my recipe since college, and I got it just how I like it… then I moved here. And all of a sudden, the cookies made from my previously-solid recipe have been coming out of the oven disconcertingly flat and lifeless. I guess it’s time to open up that chronicle again, searching for the perfect perfect chocolate chip cookie.

    So I had Ross send me that recipe. (Look, we live in the future! A hand-written recipe shared via his phone and Google+.)

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