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  • August 8, 2012

    Right now, in my life, there are peaches everywhere.

    There is also stale bread in my life, always and forever.

    I have a love/hate relationship with stale bread. There’s so much to do with it! Breadcrumbs! Bread soup! Croutons! But it’s just that… there’s this never-ending supply. We get a baguette every morning and finish about half of it. Consequently, there are usually two or three half-baguettes in various stages of staleness strewn about my kitchen, making me feel guilty and wasteful if I don’t think of something to do with them. A girl only needs so many containers of bread crumbs in her life.

    Same thing with peaches, sort of. They’re so cheap and abundant and beautifully fragrant at the greenmarket that I buy way too many, then only eat half. The rest sit there in my fruit basket, looking depleted and sad and disappointed in me, there among the lemons and apples.

    So, what to do with ingredients that are past their best? Bake them in eggs and cream, of course. Then smother them in bourbon.

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