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  • October 8, 2012

    Maybe it’s the weather. I keep telling myself that I’m looking forward to actually feeling a change in seasons instead of just watching them go by on the calendar, but the truth is that even in this 60° weather, I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. I burrito myself in the covers and try to forget that in a couple of months, I am going to have to go to bed in socks and sweats and possibly a second blanket.

    And so, braising. Hours of oven on-time to heat the apartment more than our temperamental heater can. Hours of bubbling braising liquid to slowly envelop the apartment in red wine scent. And, finally, after hours, a hearty, body-filling and fall-apart tender dinner of braised short ribs and creamy polenta, curled up with the gentleman on the couch. Possibly more red wine.

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  • August 11, 2012

    Despite living in what feels like the restaurant capital of the world, Tim and I eat dinner at home most nights. I usually give him a choice between two or three things I’m thinking of making, I start cooking when he gets home from work, then we eat together in front of the TV with a glass of rosé or iced tea and an episode of Game of Thrones or, um, Futurama.

    I think I like these nights best. Sure, I love tasting what the chefs have to dish out at fancy bistros, but what I like better is feeding people I love. Cuddling on the comfy couch with something hot and delicious, knowing I’m doing that most basic of things, providing sustenance for my loved one, feels intensely fulfilling.

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