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  • July 25, 2012

    Friends: if you are on le régime, I warn you to stop reading this right now. Because this? This is what nearly destroyed my fledgling considerations of going on a — oh, you know, lifestyle change.

    Justification: popcorn is a whole grain. Rebuttal: oh who are you kidding, that’s a half cup of Nutella in there.

    I think it’s okay, though. I’ve been eating just tiny bowls of it, like this. Moderation, right? I know if I put the whole huge bowl near me, it’s game over. And it’s so sweet and rich, just a few bites will do you. Not that anyone’s judging if you end up eating the whole bowl. We’ve all been there.

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  • July 10, 2012

    God bless France.

    I saw this recipe for popcorn dressed in duck fat (indeed, “the most noble of fats”) gently scented in orange zest and garlic and thyme and suddenly had to make it right now. But whence does one procure duck fat? At home I’d go to Surfas, the enormous cooking equipment and specialty food store, but here? Maybe the butcher’s? The luxury foods shop that carries all the terrines and caviar and truffles?

    Turns out, the answer is the grocery store. Next to the filets of duck breast and rabbit meat. Duh.

    Only in France.

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